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Dismantling Systemic Barriers in Education: Black Wildflowers Fund Launches $10 Million Initiative to Invest in Black Educators

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 1, 2023) — Black Wildflowers Fund, a non-profit organization committed to combating systemic racism in education, has launched a groundbreaking $10 million initiative to invest in Black educators across the country and help close the leadership gap.

The fund exists to acknowledge the unique challenges faced by Black educators and mitigate financial and professional risks for them as they embark on a movement to revolutionize what learning looks and feels like for Black children, school leaders and parents. To do this the fund will provide start-up capital to assist Black educators in opening their own schools, and award scholarships to Black educators seeking Montessori training. Black Wildflowers also aims to cultivate a national community of support, wisdom and collaboration for Black school leaders.

We want to make it crystal clear that Black educators have the experience and vision to transform the education system. They already know what works because they’ve seen it in the classroom and they’ve lived it. The more barriers that we can remove and get out of their way, the more it’s possible to create thriving learning environments for our children,” said Maia Blankenship, Co-CEO of Black Wildflowers Fund.

Highly coveted and far too often tuition-based, Montessori education helps children develop independence, a sense of empathy, social justice and a lifelong love of learning. Recent studies have shown that children in Montessori environments experience accelerated learning, but these schools have traditionally been anchored in affluent white neighborhoods, leaving underserved communities behind. Black Wildflowers Fund wants to address this gap by giving Black educators access to professional pathways that empower communities to design in partnership with proven educators who are deeply connected to their community.

Grant applications will open this Summer. In addition to receiving funding from Black Wildflowers Fund, grantees will also have the support of the Wildflower Foundation. To learn more about Black Wildflowers Fund, please visit, or RSVP for the June 5th information session here.

About Black Wildflowers Fund
Black Wildflowers Fund is a non-profit organization that exists to counter the systemic oppression of Black teachers, Black students, Black parents and Black communities. Their goal is to raise $10 million dollars in a fund designed to create 200 Black-led microschools by 2033 and build a national network of support to sustain a thriving community of Black education leaders. The organization is led by co-CEOs Dr. Erika McDowell and Maia Blankenship and is a sister organization of The Wildflower Foundation.

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