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About Us

Black Wildflowers Fund is a non-profit organization focused on creating a more equitable future for Black educators, children, and families in the American education system. Our goal is to raise $10,000,000 within the next three years to support direct investments in Black educators nationwide.


Although research shows that Black educators create positive outcomes for all children, they remain underrepresented and under supported in the American education system.

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Black early educators are 50% more likely to live in poverty.

Less than 5% of Montessori teachers identify as Black.

of Black educators have considered leaving their jobs.

Our story began at Wildflower Schools, an ecosystem of decentralized Montessori micro-schools that aspires to give all educators, children, and families the opportunity to experience and create beautiful learning environments.

However, the harsh reality is that BIPOCs face a disproportionate number of obstacles along their journeys. As we leaned into this, and invested the time to listen to Black Teacher Leaders within the Wildflower network, we discovered the inspiration for this fund.

Our Promise to Black Children and Families

Creating a society where every Black child feels empowered to lead begins with schools that deliberately foster Black leadership.

Black children with at least two Black teachers in elementary school are 32% more likely to attend college. Through our investments, we aspire to create more identity-affirming classrooms where every Black child feels seen, heard, and understood.

Our Promise to Black Educators

and School Founders

Black Wildflowers Fund will offer enhanced financial and holistic support for Black educators as they design and lead their own schools.

We will also expand the number of Black educators with Montessori training through scholarships, professional growth opportunities, and unique career pathways.

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