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Frequently Asked Questions

School Start-up grants are designed to ensure that every Black Teacher Leader has sufficient capital to launch their microschool and begin from a place of abundance. We want educators to feel secure, knowing that if they do their part, funding will be waiting for them, without the need to work multiple jobs or undercompensate themselves during the first year of operation. We expect applicants to upload an updated resume, planning album and up to date five year school budget model during the application process. 

What are start-up grants?

In order to qualify for a start-up grant from Black Wildflowers Fund, at least one of the founders of your school must identify as Black. You must also be in the later stages of your School Start-up Journey, formally affiliated with Wildflower Schools, and be recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Who is eligible to apply for start-up grants?

The Wildflower School Start-up Journey follows a structured process, 1. Discovery, 2. Visioning, 3. Planning, 4. Start-up. Once schools in the start-up journey complete Planning it is then they decide to formally join the Wildflower Network. This legal agreement signifies a formal affiliation with The Wildflower Foundation. 

What does it mean to be “formally affiliated” with Wildflower Schools? 

After listening to current and emerging Black Teacher Leaders, we've learned that the most critical need for launching a microschool is startup capital. Based on this guidance, we will prioritize school startup grants and providing Montessori credential scholarships.  Then, we will turn our attention to providing Ignite grants for open schools in Wildflower’s national network. Black Teacher Leaders that serve on the BWF Founding Council will determine who obtains ignite grant awards of up to $10,000.

I’m a Black educator that already has a microschool. Can I still apply for funding?

Yes! Even if you’re already in the later stages of your own start-up journey, you can evaluate and consider whether or not there is alignment between your school vision and the principles and norms of Wildflower Schools. There is an option for open schools to convert and affiliate with Wildflower Schools to join our national network. 

I’ve begun my own school design process  but my school isn’t open. Can I still join the Wildflower Network?

Black Wildflowers Fund supports all schools from Infant/Toddler to Adolescence. Nationally, open Wildflower Schools currently serve students as young as six weeks and as old as 18 years. We are model and governance agnostic – meaning, we believe that Teacher Leaders are best positioned to understand the school model that will meet the needs of their community. We are experienced in supporting the development of public charters, independent K-12 schools, and early childhood programs as well as schools that operate in unique partnerships with women and children’s shelters and affordable housing development.

What about public charter schools, school district partnerships, independent schools, or varying age levels?

We welcome schools in any state (including Puerto Rico & District of Columbia) to apply. However, schools located outside of the United States and its territories are not eligible.

Are schools operating outside of the United States eligible? Can I apply for a grant for a school operating in South America, Caribbean or Canada?

Knowing our liberation and futures are bound up together, we will embrace every member of the Black Wildflowers community as enthusiastic champions of the Fund. This may include hosting funders, potential Teacher Leaders, members of the media or other partners in your school, sharing photos/stories, and being storytellers for this movement. Members also commit to being active participants in this collective work, by attending convenings, sharing advice and supporting their peers with connections and support as needed.

What is my commitment to Black Wildflowers Fund if I accept a grant?

Grants will increase as we build and secure philanthropic investments for the fund. We expect there to be a range in the size of the school startup grant sizes we award based on the application. Black Wildflowers Fund aspires to ensure that our grantees open schools from a place of abundance and will want to understand how School Founders are leveraging various sources of capital to fund their schools.

What is the likely size of grants offered?

We expect to run two grant rounds each year. Please sign-up for email notifications and follow us on social media to recieve updates when applications open.

When can I apply for a school start-up grant?

School Start-up Grants

To invest in the future of Black leadership in Montessori classrooms, we will provide scholarships to Black educators who are interested in pursuing Montessori training through credentialing programs. Our goal is to train and foster communities of practice for 60+ Black Montessori educators. Grant funds will be distributed directly to the Montessori training center to cover tuition for Black educators. This grant does not cover application fees, books, or travel expenses. 

What are Montessori Credential grants? 

This fund is designed to support Black educators. Teachers who have already applied or been accepted to a Montessori training program will be prioritized for grant awards. We expect applicants to upload an updated resume, information about the Montessori training program and tuition during the application process. 

Who is eligible to apply for these grants?

Yes! If you have not obtained your credential from a MACTE certified training center or want another level of training we encourage you to apply. We will offer scholarships at two-three times per year and will prioritize applicants who are enrolled or have been accepted into a MACTE certified training program.

I’m already working at a Wildflower School. Can I still apply for a Montessori scholarship?

We expect to run two grant rounds each year. Please sign-up for email notifications and follow us on social media to recieve updates when applications open.

When can I apply for a Montessori credential scholarship?

Montessori Credential Grants

After schools open, systemic inequities continue to take a greater toll on Black school leaders than their white counterparts. To combat this, Black Wildflowers Fund will offer “just-in-time” microgrants for Black-led microschools that need assistance overcoming unforeseen financial or legal challenges. These grants will be issued by a council of teachers who are best positioned to understand and support their peers through financial awards.

What are Ignite grants? 

Black Teacher Leaders within the Wildflower Network.  The first round of applications will open in the January 2024.

Who is eligible to apply for ignite grants and when can I apply?

for Innovation and School Sustainability

Ignite Grants

Black Wildflowers Fund is a non-profit organization that disrupts systemic oppression in education and cultivates belonging for Black educators, children, and families. The fund invests in Black educators by providing Montessori scholarships, career pathways, school start-up grants and a thriving community of practice. Apply online at

What is Black Wildflowers Fund?

The Black Wildflowers Fund will listen and remain connected to Black Teacher Leaders in open and emerging Wildflower schools to ensure we offer the critical, just-in-time support they need. Black Wildflowers Fund will grow and invest in a thriving community of Black Leaders. Grantees will gather annually to connect and exchange wisdom that will strengthen their leadership and impact in their communities. Together, we will create a national network where every Black educator can show up authentically, be affirmed, be challenged and be inspired to meet their limitless potential as education entrepreneurs.

Beyond funding, what does being a part of the Black Wildflowers Fund community mean?


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