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Empowering Black education leaders to design and build liberatory, identity-affirming Microschools.

Investing in educational equity to amplify the voices of Black Montessori leaders, Black children, and Black families.


Our Mission


The Black Wildflowers Fund aims to break down the barriers of systemic oppression in education and cultivate a sense of belonging for Black teachers, Black children, and Black families.

Our Mission

Making an Uncompromising Investment:


The funds we raise will support 3 years of direct investments in Black-led, Black-centered schools with the potential to heal communities and re-frame the future for all children and educators.

Start-up Capital
We provide grants to help Black Teacher Leaders plant and nurture their own Wildflower Schools. We offer support as teachers lease, remodel, and plan their micro-schools. Creating an environment where Black teachers are beginning from a place of abundance.
We offer scholarships to Black educators interested in Montessori training and accreditation. We want to provide stronger career pathway opportunities and expand the number of Black Montessori leaders.
Community Building
Black Teacher Leaders also receive access to an entrepreneurship incubator program, that offers self-paced training. Teachers will also join a community developed to share wisdom across the broader Wildflower network that includes nearly 60 schools.

Our Promise to
Black Teachers

Black Wildflowers Fund will offer enhanced financial and holistic support for Black educators as they design and lead their own schools.

We will also expand the number of Black educators with Montessori training through scholarships, professional growth opportunities, and unique career pathways. Currently, only 5% of Montessori teachers are Black.


Our Promise to Black Children and Families

Creating a society where every Black child feels empowered to lead begins with schools that deliberately foster Black leadership.

Black children with at least two Black teachers in elementary school are 32% more likely to attend college. Representation matters. Investing in Black-led schools means investing in an environment where every Black child feels a sense of belonging and support.

Join our liberatory education movement and invest in the limitless potential of Black children and Black leaders.

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