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School Start-up Grant Program

Program Details

Black-led schools often face pressures directly associated with systemic imbalances in our society. It's our goal to minimize these disparities to inspire more Black educators to open schools of their own, in the communities that need them the most.


Start-up grants ensure that Black Teacher Leaders in the Wildflower Network won't have to embark on their school leadership journey with financial insecurity. Giving them the capital needed to actualize their visions for each school.


School Start-up Grants are unrestricted. Black Teacher Leaders can utilize the funds to bolster any aspect of their school.

We've awarded more than $350,000 to five Black-led Montessori microschools.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this grant program, schools must:

  • Have at least one Founding Teacher Leader who identifies as Black.

  • Be located within the United States or Puerto Rico.

  • Have a formal affiliation with the Wildflower Schools Foundation.

  • Be registered as a 501c(3) non-profit organization with the IRS.

  • Submit a comprehensive Planning Album that

  • showcases a financial plan with existing grant and loan streams.

  • Share a robust vision for the future of their school and the community they wish to serve.

Meet Our School Start-up Grantees

Interested in opening your own school?

If you dream of opening a micro-school in your community and you're not sure where to start - Wildflower's Schools offers comprehensive resources to guide educators through the School Start-up process.

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